Ongoing Research & Publication Projects

Archaeological Science and the Ancient Environment: Birney Lab

Funded by the National Science Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Birney Lab carries out research on a range of projects at the intersection of archaeology, environmental science, archaeological chemistry, and ancient texts:

Ancient Environment Initiative

OpenARCHEM Project

OpenARCHEM Archaeometric Database


Archaeological Projects

Tel Shimron, Israel (Head of Persian and Hellenistic Research)

Kastrouli-Desfina Archaeological Project (Co-PI)

Ashkelon, Israel (Assistant Director, 2017)


Works in Progress

  • From Ashkelon to Ascalon: Archaeological History of the Hellenistic Period. Final Reports of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon, Volume 9, to be published through Eisenbrauns. In press.

Recent Work



Preliminary Excavation Reports, by Season 

Tel Shimron, Israel

Grid 94 Season Report 2017

Kastrouli, Greece

South Terrace Preliminary Report 2018

Ashkelon, Israel

Grid 51 Season Report 2014

Grid 51 Season Report 2013 Part I

Grid 51 Season Report 2013 Part II

Grid 51 Season Report  2012

Grid 51 Season Report 2011

Grid 51 Season Report 2010 Part I

Grid 51 Season Report 2010 Part II



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